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If encoding is provided, privateKey plaintextLength option must be specified data's length is a multiple the length of the plaintext.

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How Public and Private Key Work In Your Crypto Wallets
When you compile your module for the first time is retrieved, compiled and cached. It will remain this way until you run your module on a new machine (say. Defined in node_modules/@types/node/ Parameters. key: PrivateKeyInput | string | Buffer. Returns KeyObject. createPublicKey. createPublicKey(key. Hello. I am using the Cryptology module to perform ECDH key exchange. My question is primarily on how or what to pass in for the first parameter, algorithm.
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If a callback function is provided, the bytes are generated asynchronously and the callback function is invoked with two arguments: err and buf. Synchronously generates a new random secret key of the given length. History Version Changes v9.