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giz blockchain lab

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Interview with Viktor Peter, Senior Blockchain Governance Expert at GIZ
The Blockchain Lab is an experimental outfit within Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH at the intersection of research. (GIZ) GmbH established a 'Blockchain Lab' in February The aim of the lab's work is to leverage the potential of blockchain and related. GIZ Blockchain Lab. 29 Netzwerk Digitale Nachweise, Digitalisation of certificates with the support of blockchain technology. Available at: http://.
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The legal framework for the changeover to blockchain technology was developed by GIZ � pioneering a new approach to legal processes. Blockchain � as a distributed ledger technology DLT � has come to be one of those widely acclaimed disruptive forces. This data processing system belongs to no one; it is autonomous. The software is not proprietary but relies on open standards and is developed using open source practices.